Sorry folks - no more nitrous :(
With increased delivery charges, cylinder rental
charges increases, two gas price increases and of course
increased VAT on all of it (small difference admittedly)
it has reached the stage that I can either make a loss
each year OR fleece my customers.

If ever Energas, Linde or BOC want to screw
us over a little less thoroghly, then I would
be happy to supply it again. At the moment
I cannot do it without losing money or charging
so much people will think I am taking them for
a ride. Really sorry about this folks.

SantaPod functions often still sell it for about £6 a pound
though I suspect they will be increasing prices soon too.

I am however still able to provide Octane
Booster for track use and other off-road use.

Please note that we require at least 48 hours notice for collection of
more than a couple of litres. Even then it is best to phone ahead.

Octane Booster / 114, 115, 120, 127PN Fuel - off road use only
We now have a sensibly priced octane booster in stock - one gallon of product plus nine gallons of 98.5 = 10 gallons of 100 Octane, price is from £20 per 5 litres - bring your own plastic petrol container.  Does NOT contain lead or methanol (unless mentioned on the drum) and does NOT lean out the engine (unless containing methanol as stated on the drum). Ingredients are various "aromatic hydrocarbons" - basically what the refineries add to low octane petrol to give us "super unleaded".

The colour of the Octane Booster is a pale yellowy green, the PN rating is 115.  With suitable engines this may be used neat as a 115PN race fuel. This product should be stored with as much care as you would petrol though actually most blends have a higher flashpoint.

Use at your own risk - but if you are getting to the stage where you are knocking, then you might need to use this when running high boost / nitrous. I have been using this product now for thousands of miles - with no problems whatsoever. In addition to raising octane, it also contains an additive which seems to make a modest improvement to general running / economy.

This is almost identical to the products sold by places like Halfrauds for VASTLY more money, the difference is that this comes in boring 5 litre containers and not pretty little 125ml bottles.

If you are running a Jap turbo, you will almost certainly benefit from this - Jap fuel is 100 Octane and if your engine is "making do with 95 - 97" then you can bet your ECU has retarded the ignition. If you can tell a difference between normal and super unleaded, you ought to test the difference between super unleaded and octane enhanced super unleaded. Performance increases, consumption can decrease and emissions also tend to decrease - as less unburnt fuel is pumped out.

£ 25 per 5 litres - bring your own container - eg: petrol can  - or pay an extra £5 for the one it is already in.  This compares with around £ 90 if purchased in dinky little bottles. If you want pretty labels, then off to Halfrauds with you - and make the marketing men smile. If you want to save cash, buy in bulk.

SPECIAL - We also have access to 117PN and 120PN fuel. We suggest that 117 may be used in concentrations as high as 40% and the 120 may be used in concentrations as high as 20%. If you want to run one of these products as pure fuel (100%), we strongly suggest you stick with the 115PN blend.

Price for the 115PN is £ 25 per 5 litres    We can also get 114PN for the same price
Price for the 117PN is £ 28 per 5 litres
Price for the 120PN is £ 30 per 5 litres    May take 7-10 days
Price for the 127PN is £ 30 per 5 litres    Contains methanol

If you have not bought before, then a deposit needs to be payable as I don't want to have more than a small amount (usually about 5 litres) on-hand at any time.

A discount of approximately 10% can be given as a rule for people who wish to buy by a whole drum, 15% may be given on orders of 3 drums or more.

Price for the 115PN is £ 110 per 25 litres
Price for the 117PN is £ 125 per 25 litres
Price for the 120PN is £ 135 per 25 litres    May take 7-10 days
Price for the 127PN is £ 135 per 25 litres    May take 7-10 days

(Some drums are 23 litres - but if so, the price will be adjusted so that you pay pro-rata the correct price)

Using Tesco's 99 fuel (98.5) and mixing it in the ratio of 1 part petrol to 1 part PN115 octane booster, will produce race fuel with a value of approx 106.5 PN.

* PN = Octane values above 100 are called Performance Numbers.
Extreme Octane Booster,  OB127+  This must NOT be used neat for fuel and MUST be diluted. Do NOT exceed a 10% concentration. 5 litres of booster will raise a full ten gallons (45 litres) of Optimax / Tesco's 99 to around 101.4 PN  Sold in 5 litre multiples at £25 per 5 litres  Does not contains lead or other metal-based boosters but still handle with extreme care. Bring empty 5 litre fuel can - or pay an extra £5 for the one it is already in.

Please e-mail for telephone number and address. Please note that other than offering octane booster,
I do not supply any goods to the trade or public, this is about sharing a cost and an interest in Nitrous
Oxide with other enthusiasts. As such I do not have credit card facilities to offer. Payment by cheque
if you absolutely must (with bankers card) or cash please.