Work Flavour Bits

Work Flavour Bits
Work Flavour Bits

Free dial up Internet

What I do now......

Another current venture is - straight female escorts in the UK
just popped it up here so the lovely spiders can find me sooner rather than later - and yes
I know the website looks grim - only just taken it over so not had much time to make it prettier :)

the link below is just to help google spiderous things

I also part own and run a little self-catering establishment now

 Excellent B&B bed breakfast accommodation

Apparently it's de-rigeur to tell everyone about what you do to earn a crust, this is all very well but poses something of a problem for people like me who
aren't quite sure what it is exactly that they do. In short, "adult entertainment lines", Internet Access, buying a little bit of property, providing WiFi access and designing gadgets are what I do mostly.

And what I used to do......

I used to do some consultancy work for a client and although I no longer work for them (I thought I was going overseas at the time) the owners of the business are good friends of mine, so I thought I'd give them a mention! Telecard UK provides promotional prepaid telephone calling cards, another business of theirs is Fragrances For You which allows you to have a unique fragrance designed for you - and delivered in a glass bottle inside a drawstring cloth pouch. Certainly a unique gift - but also rather nice to be able to go out and know that no-one else is wearing the same scent as you. If you want to have a look at this site - click here - it is certainly one of the more original gift ideas I've seen for a while.

As for the rest of my work, it seems to involve making bespoke gadgets for people, writing software (rare) or solving business problems for people. Sometimes they pay, sometimes they don't; like Chronos (publishers of Boyz & Pink Paper) - but they have a reputation for crapping on everyone, not just me. Build up a few debts, burn the company and then re-open. Obviously don't believe in good Karma. Or common decency for that matter, but still, let's not dwell on such things. Little Shits.