Birds, Cats & Dogs ???

Birds, Cats & Dogs ???
Something of a "work in progress" really, so don't expect too much

Following a discussion of "Love" and what it means - really means, I started thinking about tell-tale signs of people that I know - and what sort of animals they have. Bear with me a minute here because I know it seems a bit strange. My theory is that you can often (not always) have an insight into the way someone expresses their love based on what animal they choose to have.

I also believe that there is a lot more "behind the scenes" when bird, cat and dog people get together. This theory is more to do with people who are NOT married to each other - but are nonetheless in some form of relationship with each other.

Very briefly, if someone has the choice of "Bird, Cat or Dog", which would they have - and why?

The logic this is based on was formed when someone was describing their definition of love to me - which to be honest, sounded very much like a desperate need to have that person around - at all costs - and if that meant restricting the freedom of the object of their love, than that was fine by them. Furthermore, this person made it clear that they feel very uneasy when their beloved goes out - even if there is no reason to doubt that they will return sometime later on. This person, I though, would like to have their loved one in a cage if they could, where they could pamper it, feed it, care for it - but never give it the freedom it craves. I then found out this person keeps birds.

I then thought about dogs, not in the biblical sense you understand, just as a furtherance to the "bird theory". I dawned on me that most of the people I know who keep dogs, look for loyalty in a partner, but give them a degree of freedom. Not too much mind, just enough to "let them off the lead" once in a while - with the prospect of a good ear bashing if their beloved does not return on time. In other words, although there is a desire to have someone they can trust and find loyalty in, they are prepared to allow the person a degree of freedom and independence, providing they tow the line.

So what about cat keepers? Most of the cat owners I know (fewer than dog owners) seem to allow their partners or loved ones, as much freedom as possible - everything *seems* to be based on a form of trust. If their partner goes out for the night and do not return until the morning - or even a few days later - the late returner is not punished (perhaps a couple of sharp words if the dinner was ruined - but other than that, no penalty). Note that this does not mean the "cat person" is happy about the situation - it simply means that they are prepared to keep giving their partner the freedom they desire.

So what happens when different people come together (all other things being equal here ok!)? At this point, it needs to be pointed out that some people will be a mixture - not because they would like to keep both animals, but because they wish to handle someone in one way and yet wish to be handled in another.

For example, a bird dog person, needs to love their partner as if they were a captive (the bird aspect) - but insist on a certain degree of freedom for themselves (the dog aspect). In contrast a dog bird person would afford their partner a degree of freedom - yet would be happy if they themselves were much more controlled.

This "secondary" characteristic (how they wish to be treated themselves) is not likely to find more than a "chance linking" to a personal preference with animals. However in a well matched couple, I think it is likely that the secondary characteristic is matched to the other persons primary characteristic.

We now have many pairing combinations, each person being one of the following eight "basic types"

Bird Bird
Bird Cat
Bird Dog
Cat Bird
Cat Cat
Cat Dog
Dog Bird
Dog Cat
Dog Dog

Of the types that are most likely to work well are the "complimentary opposites", eg: Cat Dog person with a Dog Cat person.

Of the types that will clash the most, are like matches (unless they are both "bird bird", "cat cat" or "dog dog" people). You can imagine that two "bird cat" people will find it incredibly difficult to form a workable relationship. Both people almost demanding control over the other whilst both desperately needing their own freedom. Not a match made in Heaven.

As I said right at the top, this is very much a "work in progress" and may have absolutely nothing to recommend it whatsoever. It is just that coincidentally or otherwise, the pattern matches *most* of the people I know.

Exceptions (as always) are going to be everywhere, just as a "Bird person" who keeps Peacocks / Birds Of Prey is more likely a dog (or even a cat) person due to the freedom they give, then conversely someone who keeps a cat and never lets it leave the house is more like a "Bird" person. Confusing huh?

I used to find it strange that ex-military heads often keep birds, now it makes more sense.

As for me? Well I'm a Cat Dog person I guess, meaning that I can only demonstrate my love for someone properly by allowing someone their total freedom (even if sometimes that can be hard to handle when they stray!). For me, I could not handle being given no freedom (the bird) but would not need total freedom (cat), indeed for me, being a "Cat Cat person" would be difficult (not impossible)  - as I would be worried that either or both parties might mistake the freedom they are given for indifference.

So, any Dog Cat people out there?

Of course, as I don't really like Dogs much as pets (see personally speaking page, near the bottom), it means I am trying to find a Dog Cat person who doesn't keep dogs. Perhaps this is why I am 36 and single? Or just because I'm a lard arse? Who knows :)