Rambling Thoughts & Musings

This page has gone through a few changes, even before it was first published on the Net. This page is a cross between the philosophical page, the fraternal page and my mind - when at rest. It is, perhaps, unnecessary to have this page at all, as for those of you with an interest in such topics will probably find more in the "Esoterica" pages than here, certainly the other pages offer more serious material that you will find here. Still, this page will be altered rather more often than the other ones so perhaps there's a point to it after all. In any case, this page reflects unchecked thoughts which I decided to poke up here to gauge peoples reactions. Thus reassured....

Although this page has a few comments about things requiring no belief in anything in particular, I think it only fair to suggest at this stage that if you have absolutely no faith in any form of "Supreme Being / God / Godhead" or "Alternative life forms" whatsoever, then you are probably wasting your pennies and my bandwidth staying here any longer, so press that "Back" button as quick as a fast thing.

Pole Reversal
Fact: We are due for a pole reversal within the next 20-30 years. The poles of the earth change on a regular basis, as is demonstrated when looking at ferrous deposits; the "strata" always aligns itself with the polarity of the earth - check for yourself if you have any eroding hills near by and a simple compass to hand. Anyway, the strata indicates that the poles
reverse at preset time, this seems to be linked with planetary alignment. It is expected that conditions on earth during the pole reversal are inclement at best.

Pole reversal update - 2011

Pole reversal now finally making the news - as Magnetic North is now out by over 10 degrees causing at least airport to re-mark the runways to avoid confusing pilots, it seems attention is catching on. Incidentally, one of the major predicted effects of the reversal is a massive increase in earthquakes. As the poles start to shift ever further. It will be interesting to see what the latest indication is for Magnetic North after the latest earthquakes and aftershocks in Japan. A little more info here in the clip below. One minor upside is that we should get some superb "Northern Lights" and aother aurora effects now the fields are starting to twitch a bit.

Fact: Mankind has evolved - according to various sources - at something between 2000 and 5000 times faster than Chaos Theories would allow. We find perfectly smooth cylinders of stainless steel in the middle of rocks millions of years old, crude batteries in ancient burial mounds and massive designs that could only have been visible from the air.

Thought: Is it not likely that WE are the "visitors" to Earth? Is it impossible to accept the suggestion that our ancestors had made much the same foolhardy mistakes as we now do, had all but died out and then finally managed to shuttle a few people off to populate and interbreed with the "brave new world" - Earth.  Possibly a little hard to imagine but perhaps we're not so very far away from that dilemma again. Life will continue on this planet for a very long time to come - even if we do pump chemicals everywhere and rip-up all the trees. The only thing is, of course, which lifeforms will survive. It's a fair bet the old Cockroach will hang in there, you can even cut their heads off and they won't die until they starve to death. Humans, on the other hand, fall prone to anything going, more to go wrong you see.

Why is it that the same people who complain (rightly) about the dangers of Ouija are the same ones that deny any existence of other lifeforms / afterlife. Either we have something here or we don't, I wish people could stop hopping over the fence. Personally I find Ouija dangerous and unpleasant at best, it is by far the easiest way for a novice to make some form of contact with other entities. Unfortunately, the spirits/beings often seem to be the more unpleasant ones, this can be unfortunate. Do yourself a favour if you are thinking of meddling with this; ask yourself the question: "Do I believe in it?" If the answer is "Yes", then accept the fact that the spirits you are contacting are considerably more powerful than you, do not like being taken for fools and are generally unhappy to be disturbed. If your answer is "No", you do not believe, then why bother wasting your time in the first place? If you really MUST have a go and you have taken all reasonable safety precautions, remember to remain extremely civil. It is a very bad move to "take the piss" out of someone - or something - you contact.