Nitrous Oxide Refills

Nitrous Oxide Refills
I No Longer Sell Nitrous !
This page has been de-mothballed for nostalgic reasons,
I no longer sell nitrous oxide, nor octane booster. Sorry.

* Now with Haskell cryo pump for faster, fuller refills *
Current status of Nitrous stock  >  70 LBS

Got a printer and want a hazchem warning diamond for your nitrous?  Click Here

 Please E-Mail me if you would like to buy nitrous oxide
and you have not bought from me before. I can give you
directions & my contact number - please also see info
at the bottom of the page - re: safety / payment etc.

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I have adaptors to enable refills for the male and female 4mm Highpower bottles,
the new 5mm (blue line) Highpower bottle adapters and also the common "NOS-type"
bottle adaptor. If you have a weirdy bottle fitting and do not have an adaptor to one
of the more common fittings, PLEASE tell me - otherwise you might have a wasted journey.

Wellingborough (Northants) Refill Point

5 Mins from SantaPod, 15 Mins from Rockingham Speedway
* Nitrous Oxide = £5.00 / LB

Sorry folks, my costs have increased - grudgingly I have increased cost
of gas from £4.50 / LB to £5.00 LB. This is the first increase I have made in
three years - but I cannot keep selling at £4.50 a pound any more.

* Bottle weighed properly before AND after refill.
* Filling line has a decent built-in filter.

11 LB refill* for the price of 10 LBS - but you MUST ask for it at the time - no
point moaning three days later that you didn't get your free pound of gas!

Octane Booster / 115PN Fuel - off road use only
Sorry folks, prices have increased considerably. I'm not happy about it but as this seems to be the same across the board, I don't think there is much that can be done about it. It is however still VASTLY cheaper than buying octane booster in silly little bottles for a few pound per 125ml !

We now have a sensibly priced octane booster in stock - one gallon of product plus nine gallons of 98.5 = 10 gallons of 100 Octane, price is £18.75 per 5 litres - bring your own plastic petrol container.  Does NOT contain lead or methanol and does NOT lean out the engine. Ingredients are various "aromatic hydrocarbons" - basically what the refineries add to low octane petrol to give us "super unleaded".

The colour of the Octane Booster is a yellowy green, the PN rating is 115.  With suitable engines this may be used neat as a 115PN race fuel. This product should be stored with as much care as you would petrol though actually has a higher flashpoint.

Use at your own risk - but if you are getting to the stage where you are knocking, then you might need to use this when running high boost / nitrous. I have been using this product on provate tracks - with no problems whatsoever. In addition to raising octane, it also contains an additive which seems to make a modest improvement to general running / economy.

This is almost identical to the products sold by places like Halfrauds for VASTLY more money, the difference is that this comes in boring 5 litre containers and not pretty little 125ml bottles.

If you are running a Jap turbo, you will almost certainly benefit from this - Jap fuel is 100 Octane and if your engine is "making do with 95 - 97" then you can bet your ECU has retarded the ignition. If you can tell a difference between normal and super unleaded, you ought to test the difference between super unleaded and octane enhanced super unleaded. Performance increases, consumption can decrease and emissions also tend to decrease - as less unburnt fuel is pumped out.

£ 18.75 per 5 litres - bring your own container - eg: petrol can  - or pay an extra £5 for the one it is already in.  This compares with around £ 80 if purchased in dinky little bottles. If you want pretty labels, then off to Halfrauds with you - and make the marketing men smile. If you want to save cash, buy in bulk.

SPECIAL - We also have access to 117PN and 120PN fuel. We suggest that 117 may be used in concentrations as high as 40% and the 120 may be used in concentrations as high as 20%. If you want to run one of these products as pure fuel (100%), I suggest you stick with the 115PN blend.

Price for the 117PN is £ 20 per 5 litres
Price for the 120PN is £ 22 per 5 litres

A small discount can sometimes be given for purchases of a whole drum (25 litres), I will need to order this in specially for you usually though - but often delivery can be within a couple of days. If you have not bought before, then a deposit needs to be payable as I don't want to have more than a small amount on-hand at any time.

A discount of approximately 10% can be given as a rule. Eg:  25 litres 117PN = £85, 25 litres 117PN = £ 90, 25 litres of 120PN=£100, 25 litres of 127PN see extreme section below) = £110

Using Tesco's 99 fuel (98.5) and mixing it in the ratio of 1 part petrol to 1 part PN115 octane booster, will produce race fuel with a value of approx 106.5 PN.

Current status of 115PN Octane Booster stock > 5 litres.
Current status of 117PN Octane Booster stock ** CALL TO CHECK STOCK **
Current status of 120PN Octane Booster stock ** CALL TO CHECK STOCK **
* PN = Octane values above 100 are called Performance Numbers.
Extreme Octane Booster,  OB127+  This must NOT be used neat for fuel and MUST be diluted. Do NOT exceed a 10% concentration. 5 litres of booster will raise a full ten gallons (45 litres) of Optimax / Tesco's 99 to around 101.4 PN  Sold in 5 litre multiples at £25 per 5 litres  Does not contains lead or methanol but still handle with extreme care. Bring empty 5 litre fuel can - or pay an extra £5 for the one it is already in.

Current status of OB127 stock ** CALL TO CHECK STOCK **
If you require OB127, you need to give us 48 hours notice (excl weekends / bank holidays) Suitable for off-road use only. Do not use on public roads.

Please e-mail for telephone number and address. Please note that other than offering refills, I do not supply any goods to the trade or public, this is about sharing a cost and an interest in Nitrous Oxide with other enthusiasts. As such I do not have credit card facilities to offer. Payment by cheque if you absolutely must (with bankers card) or cash please.

If you are new to Nitrous Oxide, and this will be your first refill, here's a point or two to bear in mind. Please read them.

1. Unless you've already done it, please do NOT empty the last traces of gas from the bottle by venting the bottle to the atmosphere. If you do that when you arrive here, it will help to chill the bottle meaning the refill will be quicker and also more complete. You won't pay for gas you don't get BUT if you're in a hurry and your bottle is warm and TOTALLY empty, you are not going to get a full load. Filling time for a 10 / 11LB bottle is usually about 15 minutes.  MUCH less if your bottle is cool and still has the dregs left from before so it can be vented and cooled.

2. If it is a HOT day, it would help if you can keep the bottle as cool as possible - so if you have unclipped it already, don't plonk it on the back seat in direct sun for half an hour before wanting it filled. Although we now use a cryo pump (Haskell nitrous pump), it will still make your fill faster and easier if you can keep the bottle cool.

3. If your bottle / valve appears damaged or "home brew", I will NOT refill it. You may be happy with the risk, I'm not.

4. For your own sake, please call before turning up. Offering refills is NOT my business, just something I am happy to do when I have time and I'm about. If you arrive without letting me know you are coming and I'm not here, then no moaning please.

5. People's cars are their pride and joy and I don't want to ding someone's bodywork moving the bottle in or out of the boot. You remove the bottle, you refit the bottle. I'll just fill it up and hand it back. If that seems fair enough, then bimble along and I'll fill you up, if not, then I'll try and help you find other outlets in your area which might be able to offer the things I cannot - eg: credit card payments.

If you are going to SantaPod, they *usually* have a refill station there somewhere, typical price is £6 - £7 / LB

* If your bottle is not COLD and with a hint of nitrous left in when you arrive, it will still be possible to give you a good fill as we are a pumping station, rather than a gravity fill station - but it WILL take a good deal longer.