Pot Noodle

Pot Noodle
New reduced flavour, healthier pot noodle.

A bit nicer than wet newspaper - though no longer as flavoursome

bland insipid pot noodle, low salt, low flavour, tasteless, unpleasant noodles in a pot

Pot noodle fans among you may correctly identify that the picture above is of an OLD style pack, not a new one. The new ones might LOOK better - but be ready to be horrified at the flavour.

They claim to be using better quality noodles and better quality vegetables. So how come they taste very "bland and pointless" now?

Well part of the answer is that they want to pretend that a pot noodle is a healthy snack - and for some crazy reason, reckon that the nanny-state and salt-haters are far more important than something as hundrum as a huge, happy consumer base; result? Salt reduction.

That would not be too bad, I can soon add a little salt to my pot noodle to "repair the flavour" but no, that is NOT all that has been done. Other nice tastng things (but either too expensive or nanny doesn't approve) have ALSO been removed or reduced.


Result?  A very bland, almost insipid mush that is likely to dissapoint almost everyone who used top enjoy a "proper pot noodle".  the recipe has changed a few times over the years with reductions of MSG and other nice tasting things. This last drive to make it cheaper to make and marginally healthier have resulted in a very forgettable snack. Still not healthy, but not pleasant tasting either now. So it fails on all counts.

I called their customer services 0800 032 3251 to ask what had happened and it was all confirmed. Lower salt, other flavourings reduced or eliminated, this is the new recipe. In fairness the guy was open and didn't try to hide the fact that the Pot-Noodle as we know it, is effectively dead. He thanked me for my comments and questions, but the only thing that will give us a chance to get back to a proper pot noodle is to vote with out money - and also telephone them to explain why we shall no longer buy them.

WHY are they trying to turn a tasty snack into something that scores neither on health, nor on flavour?

If I want something healthy, I'll buy a lettuce, if i wanted something flavoursome i *would* have bought a pot noodle.  Even supermarket versions are arguably nicer than the pot noodle now, something which I would never have thought possible. Noodles not quite right perhaps but a VASTLY better flavour than these new unilever offerings.

If you dislike the tasteless, insipid, bland new recipe pot noodle, let Unilever know for free.  0800 032 3251

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