Personally Speaking

Personally Speaking

Personal Things

Guy Mark Tibbert

Well this is where you can start to find out a little about what makes me tick, what I like and don't like and all the other little things that I might be too coy to tell you face to face. If you want to know something more, you might find other snippets of information if you look at some of the other pages, if not, you can always try your luck by asking me here. Hmm, why do people have these pages on their web sites? Is it some kind of exhibitionism, self promotion - or something along those lines?

 "Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world.
But it's the same world. How come?"
Dr. Wayne Dyer

A life in balance

Life is juggling four balls - named Work, Family, Friends & Spirit.
Work is a rubber ball, the rest are glass
Rubber bounces, glass will chip or shatter
Success is measured by unbroken balls

Still I've popped a few snippets of information here too - though I think the underlying reason here is more of a  "filtering out process". It's harder for people to whittle about "Oooh, you never said...." if its there in black and white. Anyway, enough of such banter, here are a few of the salient point about me. If you like what you see, get in touch, if not then happy hunting for whatever you are presently seeking.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: Heavy - but still reducing  (38" waist, aiming for 36")
Hair: Some - and also gradually reducing :)
Clean Shaven
Non - Smoker - but if you smoke, that's fine.
Functional Brain
Fairly laid back attitude
Emotionally stable
Financially stable
Gay - though technically bisexual if I must wear a label.
NOT effeminate and not into the CD/TV/TS/TG or camp "thing"
Able to appreciate other people's need for discretion
HIV status - Negative - despite the amount of HIV info on these pages

What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end
of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.
  - John Ruskin

My Ideal Man
Probably aged around 18-33, slimish to medium build, reasonably intelligent, excellent sense of humour, clean shaven, smooth chest, comfortable with his sexuality, not effeminate, genuine and at least slightly romantic. Now at this point I would say there are quite a few eligible guys out there - I know one or two of them myself. The crunch comes with the fact that I need to appeal to them too - otherwise we have a no go situation :)  Life has shown me that there are a fair few people who are interested in me - and a fair few people who I am interested in. Alas Sod's law becomes involved and tends to ensure that these two conditions are mutually exclusive - unless they are practically antipodean to me - in which case we are both probably intrested. Living in or near Wellingborough / Northants would be an advantage.

Please do feel free to re-read that age guide again. If you are out by a year or so, message away - If you are old enough to be my father (or close), then please understand there is NOTHING going to happen other than friendship. Before you whinge that I am ageist, then please do feel free to practice what you preach - and go cop-off with a guy 15-20 years OLDER than YOU. I cannot help the fact that a guy older than me really doesn't do it for me. No, not even if they lie about their age and insult my intelligence into the bargain. The ONLY exceptions are people who I have known for many years and have "grown older together" with. Somehow that doesn't count. Don't ask why, I don't know.

Shall we move on?  

A bit obvious but....
If you are one of these folks who like to bullshit about your age, then go for it, but if we meet under false pretences and you look more like you real age than your faked age - guess who will have had a wasted trip?  Can't be doing with it. If you play that game, then DO expect me to be pretty blunt about things. I can spot the difference between a "youngish looking 35 year old" and a guy who is genuinely 27, pretty much every time. I object to being lied to and have no qualms in telling bullshitters to go home.

Best ** NOT ** click this Icon
Kinks & Things
So what am I into?  Not especially into shagging, but will consider it (active, passive or versatile) if the mood really seems right. Not into unsafe. I have tried "sounding" and electro and quite like them, if you don't know what they are, try using google! Also have an interest in things to be found at places like the "BBB", Ceasars and so on. If this is going over your head, that's fine, it was meant to ;) Other bits and bobs I will usually consider at least trying, providing it is "safe".

If you want to know more, just ask - but try volunteering a little of what you enjoy too. Though if I still haven't seen a face pic of you, don't expect any lightning responses. As with most folks, if you give a little you get a little back too. If you don't feel comfortable sending me a face pic - then why in creation you would feel comfortable actually meeting me in person is beyond me.

Important bits

Please note, I will not meet you unless I have seen a genuine face pic first (I'm not really interested in a XXX style shots thanks). Providing the face pic is about the same as the person I meet, we will probably get along fine. If you send me someone else's pic or one of you taken years ago, then I doubt we will even speak before I leave - even if I think you are a stunner. If you do not have a face pic, either do something about it or try someone else - not me. Sorry if that's a little blunt, but it saves me meeting people who are nothing like their descriptions whatsoever - and then get pissed off because I won't acquiesce.

In the past I have had the odd dalliance with guys older than me, it has never really worked out - though we have remained friends. I do not wish to try yet again. Please understand therefore that while "it would be different with me" may well be true, the answer will still be "No".

If you are older than me and would like to meet purely as a friend then please get in touch with all speed - but do not feign disappointment when you are not French kissed goodnight. I'm a fairly straightforward, reasonably "baggage free" person and I do not like playing mind games with people. If you do, fair enough but please find someone else to bore by playing them with instead of me.

Thanks lots. x

This next bit shows you what the automated gadget thinks of my personality:-

Obsessive / Compulsive

General Likes
Walking, Conversation, Restaurants, Cinema, Theatre, Lasers, People with something to say, Most Music, Design, Creativity in all forms, Openness, Intelligence, Swimming and all kinds of StrangeFX

General Dislikes
Political Correctness, bigoted and/or oppressive people, mind games, Cheese, 9-5 work, liars (don't even *bother* to e-mail me please, it will waste your time and mine), opening milk cartons, Wellingborough's road system, predictability, inflexibility and watching sport  another favourite irk is telesales - said callers are placed on hold with the following tune / message telesales message

Oh yes, and here's a biggy. I am lucky enough to have a full sized keyboard with my PC, it has numbers AND letters - it seems lots of people have to use "txt speak", do they not have grown up keyboards or do they think it is "cool" to type utter bollocks and expect me to decode it?  If your message is along the lines of "hi, ur pro is gud, u got c2c or cu l8r 4 real?" it won't be answered, sorry.

Turn Ons - Intelligence, sense of humour, hygiene, spontaneous approach, genuineness, clean shaven, smooth chest, slim or average build, 17-32 (exceptions are rare), "adventurous sorts"....

Turn Offs - items in RED do NOT apply to friends, only to those who wish to "go further", black items apply to all
Heavy folks (like me), dishonesty, inconsiderate people, muscle marys, beards, drag, people who wash less than once a day, unsafe sex, crassness.

Indifferent to race, colour, creed, height, wealth and dress sense - within limits :)

I'm not a "dog person". This is not a problem unless you bring yours with you - or expect me to come into contact with it. Some people like the smell of dogs (even wet dogs) and enjoy having their face licked after the dog has just rimmed itself. I'm afraid I'm not one of them. I have no problem with most other pets - especially when they stay away from me. Rabbits I am very fond of, preferably en- croute.

Although of course, I have some friends who are closer than others, I try fairly hard to treat folks fairly and evenly - and try never to use a friend as a "fall back" position.. As such, if you are one of the folks who cannot understand why I will not cancel a chat with a friend who is coming around - to have a wild night of fun with you instead, then I'm afraid you might be best saving time and looking at another profile instead of mine. I know I am in a fairly small minority on this one but it doesn't change my view. Please pass me by if you think your looks will mean more to me than a true friend.

Etc etc etc....
Own House, Car & Teeth, can travel, can accommodate.
Learning to fly - when I get around to finishing off the lessons.
Amateur Radio Operator (G6RPH) - though I do very little with it now.
Fascination with inventing things, mainly electronic in nature
Playing with lasers (though playing with due care when it comes to eyesight safety) - Fluffy takes no prisoners :(
Not a "car mad" person, but enjoy having a tank of nitrous oxide in the boot to blow away cobwebs - or did until some bastard mechanic stole it.
Fascination and a miniscule understanding of the basic principles of Hermetic philosophy
Self-employed running premium rate lines, designing gadgets, providing free internet access and a little playing about with property.
Voluntary youth counselling - mainly outreach work with agencies in Northamptonshire - though not at the moment.

Sayings, beliefs and phrases that mean something to me:
Almost nothing is impossible, incredibly unlikely perhaps, but not actually impossible
Think you can? Think you cannot? Either way you're right.
If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got
The nice thing about growing up, is that you can learn more ways to play
You're never to old to keep playing, you grow old because you stop playing
If its got wheels or tits, you're going to have trouble with it

My preferred unit of currency:
There are times when friends ask favours which take some time to accomplish and although they are both willing and able to pay for them - if said favour is called upon often, it feels totally wrong to accept any form of conventional payment, they however feel the need to "do something". Here is where my new currency comes in, it is called the "Cup". Now don't start getting all ahead of yourself and thinking this has any deep meaning, it hasn't. It is referring to cups of tea, of which I have been known to consume substantially in excess of a gallonworth in one afternoon. Problem is, I really cannot be motivated to make tea unless others wish it too. Result, I am often gagging for a cup of tea before I can be half-arsed to put the kettle on.

Here then, is where the currency comes in. All and any work is priced at the rate of 4 Cups per hour off site and 5 Cups per hour on-site with a minimum payment of 1 Cup. There is also an exchange rate of one cup per cigarette for people who wish to sponge fags off me on an ongoing basis. As I type this, I have just completed 1.5 Cups worth of consultancy for a friend requiring my thoughts on adapting his loft area to get the best use out of it  Now, you might quite rightly observe that it is difficult to deliver half a cup of tea - this is usually carried forward until such time as it has been added to another half Cup. The smaller unit, the Drop, (100 Drops = 1 Cup) is not used very often and even then, only when 0.5 C needs to be written as an integer :- 50 D  In extremis, a "top-up" will be considered as worthy of 50 D. A friend of mine - Jo - also has gloriously oversized mugs and is oft credited at the rate of 1.5C per mugfull.

A little digressions - this applies to ALL gay/str8/bi / male/female folks
As you approach orgasm, press the soles of your feet together (easy if laying on back) - this has the effect of making a much stronger orgasm for both males and females. I don't know how I first learnt this - self discovery or a website somewhere but as so few people seem to be aware of it - and yet almost everyone finds it works for them, it seemed like a plan to share it on here. Feet do not need to be bare (nothing mystical here), just have soles together and pushing against each other. I think it may be because in this position, the knees are bent and perhaps this does something to the pelvic region. Not sure, all I DO know it that orgasms are much stronger and, in the case of males, rather more "productive". Enjoy.

If you would like to contact me, please click here.

Hemmingway's shortest story - which he also claimed to be his best, can be written on the back of a postage stamp:

For Sale
Baby Shoes
Never Worn

Powerful huh?