Work Flavour Bits

Work Flavour Bits
Work Flavour Bits

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What I do now......

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 Excellent B&B bed breakfast accommodation

Apparently it's de-rigeur to tell everyone about what you do to earn a crust, this is all very well but poses something of a problem for people like me who
aren't quite sure what it is exactly that they do. In short, "adult entertainment lines", Internet Access, buying a little bit of property, providing WiFi access and designing gadgets are what I do mostly.

And what I used to do......

I used to do some consultancy work for a client and although I no longer work for them (I thought I was going overseas at the time) the owners of the business are good friends of mine, so I thought I'd give them a mention! Telecard UK used to provide promotional prepaid telephone calling cards, another business of theirs was Fragrances For You which allowed you to have a unique fragrance designed for you - and delivered in a glass bottle inside a drawstring cloth pouch. Certainly a unique gift - but also rather nice to be able to go out and know that no-one else is wearing the same scent as you. Sadly other committments (one of the owners became and MEP and the other although semi-retired is a Telecomms Consulatant) means both of these businesses were eventually closed to make way for their new committments.

As for the rest of my work, it seems to involve making bespoke gadgets for people, writing software (rare) or solving business problems for people. Sometimes they pay, sometimes they don't; like Chronos (publishers of Boyz & Pink Paper) - but they have a reputation for crapping on everyone, not just me. Build up a few debts, burn the company and then re-open. Obviously don't believe in good Karma. Or common decency for that matter, but still, let's not dwell on such things. Little Shits.