You are of above average intelligence - possibly not in an academic way but in a more practical sense, you can usually read people well, have better than average understanding of people's personalities and nature - and seem good at working out other people's problems for them. In general, people who know you well would say you have a good heart - possibly even too good a heart - and perhaps your head needs to be allowed to rule a little too from time to time.

You are an extremely loyal person to those close to you and personal friends and selected family are very important in your life - even if perhaps you do not see them as much as you like for one reason or another.

Although generally regarded as being in control of the situation, this is not always the case, and self doubt plays a part in your life. This needs to be worked on for you know as well as I, that the people in your life that count, love you and accept you BECAUSE you are you.

In some ways, I feel that you should be the one writing this - as you are more than capable of developing your abilities to at least meet mine - and indeed surpass them - if you would just develop the hidden talents that you already have at least a suspicion of possessing.

Do not let you self-doubt keep getting in the way of everything you could do.

This page is a work in progress - although open minded about many spiritualists, I also have a healthy degree of skepticism - and to try and explain why, I thought it would be interesting to create a page about something called "cold reading". this is where you make predictions / revelations about someone without first having the chance to know about them - or possibly even have them speak to you at all.  the text above this paragraph if read out aloud to a stranger would almost certainly "ring true" and seem quite detailed and specific. Sadly the reverse is the case, it is not specific at all, it just uses phrases that people like to hear about themselves. there might be one or two points that someone would disagree with but in most instances, EVERY thing said above would be accepted. Doubt me?  Try it on a "friend of a friend" who you barely know - your friend-in-common will almost certainly be accused of telling you all about them - as you are uncannily accurate in your analysis or "reading" of them.

This is not to say there are not genuine mediums around, but when they start using phrases like the ones above or below - then beware, they apply to almost everyone yet can seem VERY specific to you. Interestingly, people remember "hits" far more often than a "miss". if you tell someone five things and get three wrong, the chances are if you elaborate on the ones you got right, they will go away thinking you were very accurate. Tell people what they like to hear in short - or alterntiavely - what you are almost certain about being right from a statistical point of view.

These are some of the fairly safe phrases you can use - although you might get people say "no, that's not really me", the chances are, they will agree with almost all of these statements and people tend to remember the positives (bits you get right) far more than the negatives. See how many of the following you would agree to:-

"Ok, let's start off with something that seems to be worrying you at the moment, it seems that there are some, how shall we say, financial pressures on you at the moment, and annoyingly, you are only to aware that this is not really your own fault. I am sensing a degree of frustration here.

"Unlike so many, you have a very powerful sense of justice - and more importantly, injustice. This has affected your life already. You are able to see things from both sides of the fence and can understand people well - you fell perhaps better than themselves sometimes! You often have your ear bent by close friends and you know your opinions and considered thoughts can be helpful to them - if only they would listen!  You already know that given the chance, you would make an excellent magistrate, combining both the skills needed in being impartial but also tempering the need to be fair with the responsibilities of ensuring those who commit crimes are made to see the error of their ways"

"On the subject of justice and injustice, I sense that sometimes it's the very small things that matter most to you - a little like a thoughtful card being more important than a lavish gift which was bought without perhaps too much thought. that's quite rare -  and a very positive aspect to your personality, and you're right, sometimes it is the little things that make a world of difference."

"Well I can see you there seems to be some other tension in your life at the moment, possibly surrounding things of a personal nature - to be more specific some sexual issues or something involving a special type of relationship perhaps. I was going to say this was perhaps occupying the back of you mind right now but I am now sensing that this is a more central issue to you.

"On the subject of personal thing, work is also something that is causing you to raise many questions in your head at the moment. You sense a need to change something, either a position or perhaps a new direction altogether."

"You have a curious mixture of introverted feelings combined with a desire to be extrovert - or even the center of attention. I suspect strongly from the feelings I am getting from you that you are acutely aware of this, perhaps wishing you could be a little more open and direct with people rather than hoping they would make the first move for you"

Although I cannot quite work out what it is, there are two people in your life, either present or past who has had a very powerful influence on your life, I think one is female and one was male, do the initials J and M mean anything to you, probably the female is M and the male is J. I am not quite sure if this is to do with personal life or work life, but either way, both have been affected by these people.

"You seem to hold a healthy level of skepticism, and you like things to be proven to you - rather than simply take other people's word for things, that includes this session as I sense you are trying hard to catch me out - or at least to make sure I am being straight with you"  This is a pity as I sense that you have more than enough dormant skills within you to do this job just as well as me! Have you ever felt tempted to explore this aspect of yourself?

Now remember this is not only a cold reading, but one that has been made to apply almost universally to everyone. Almost anyone who is told this, will start to provide feedback to you - which you can then remember and "feed it back to them a little later" - if you re-phrase it carefully they will almost certainly credit you with having told them this new nugget of information - despite them actually having told you all along.

Also you will note, in the lines above, there are some "follow ups" - eg: the personal/sexual which is then said to be more at the front of the mind than the back of the mind. If the person had not really seemed to think there was much wrong, their body language would communicate this and instead of the last sentence, it could be re-worded as follows: "I am pleased that whatever this was that was troubling you a little seems to be leaving you now, things seem to be getting more positive at last" It's as though the tension is a memory of something that didn't work well for you at the time, rather than something in the present"

Of course you will notice that these are MOSTLY positives - or positives and negatives combined, you don't really want to go around depressing people, it isn't nice!  On the occasion where you wish to add a few negatives though - just o show impartiality, pick a phrase or two from the list below.

"People around you have been taking advantage of you nature recently - and in fact, if you are honest with yourself, for a long time, this wouldn't be so bad but this has actually resulted in you letting yourself down - rather than having the courage to say "enough!". In much the same way, because you refuse point blank to take advantage of others, you have cheated yourself out of at least one exciting possibility in the past which has presented itself."

"Being honest with you - which I hope you will forgive me, some of your present aspirations are a little on the unrealistic side. It is fine to hope for things and strive towards them, but if you want to make some of them come true, you know only to well that you have to MAKE them come true - rather than just dream about the "what if's"

"Does 'disciplined and controlled on the outside but worrisome and insecure on the inside' mean anything to you?

"You have some personality weaknesses that you know about - though usually you can compensate for these effectively without anyone really realizing. this is mainly to do with self confidence issue I sense. This also tends to lead you to self-criticise a lot - even if mainly to yourself rather than to others. You have a strong need to feel liked and accepted - and feel hurt if someone seems to give you the cold shoulder - or even fails to keep in touch, perhaps you need to remember though, communication is a two-way thing!".

Once you start to take account of the following, things can become more convincing still:

Their Gender
If in a pub, do they drink a lot? What are they drinking?
Do they smoke, what are they smoking? Cigar? Cigarette? Roll-up? Dope?  What safe(ish) guesses might you be able to make from some of these? Eg: if smoking a joint a line like "You are comfortable in breaking the norm, you do not feel obliged to conform to all of societies do's and don'ts". they will almost certainly agree.
If eating, are they eating healthy snack food - or crisps and chocolate bars?
Do they have a wedding band - or signs there were one? Signs of a ring being removed recently often hints at divorce / troubled relationship.
Their age - if they are older, the chances are they have lost both close friends and relatives. So a phrase about "you know only too well how much it hurts to mourn the loss of a loved one" is likely to be seen as accurate.

Do the clothes and shoes suggest finances are tight / or very easy.  Very flash lavish clothes? it will be a safe bet that a sense of style is important to them, "you appreciate the finer things in life" etc
Are they immaculate dressers (attention to detail announcements galore), average or "messy / haphazard" - lots of references to being a "free spirit etc"
Is the voice an educated one or slightly less refined. Depending on the mix of things seen you can make more "revelations" - for example if the voice is a little rough and ready, yet the clothes are not, it is a fair chance that they were born to an average family and earned their money off their own backs. Conversely, someone with a very elegant voice but "economical clothes" has probably had hard times recently yet enjoyed far greater wealth in the past. Nothing clever here, just reading subtle clues. People can be amazed at how accurate your psychic abilities are.

Annoyingly, although this was made with no particular friend in mind, many of them who read the above will say "well of course that applies to me, you were thinking of me when you did it". Try it on someone else you hardly know as a little fun thing to do, then when you are hailed as being wonderfully insightful, you will perhaps remember that I said this applies to almost everyone - and no, this was not based on anyone in particular at all.

If you are also able to read body language, you will often sense halfway through your sentence if you are on the right track, if so, keep going, if not, you can feign a puzzled thought and then "back track" quickly. "Hmmm, no, the more I think about this, the more I feel this does not really apply to you anymore, I wasn't quite sure about this but it seemed as though this might have been an issue in your past". If pulled off with the right amount of pause and confused look on your face, they will now be thiking that althought they thought for a moment you had gone off on the wrong track you were right all along!  Bless!

A few bits that might have confused you:-

Worriesome and insecure? Surely this does not apply to most folks I hear you say. Wrong, it applies to almost everyone to some degree or another. Yup, even you and me!  The health of a relative or friend, worried about paying the mortgage or rent, concerned about losing a job, frightened after being burgled, insecure in love, insecure about your looks because you bum is too big, nose is a bit crooked, legs are a bit short, hair is a bit thin...... The list goes on.

I started one of the paragraphs with "unlike so many" and yet is was so clearly true in your case. How come?  Deception my friends, pure and simple. Almost everyone has a strong sense of justice and injustice - most especially when it has affected them. Saying "unlike so many" just made it seem that it was not a safe guess!

Curious about the people beginning with J and M ?  Easy, there are more male names that begin with J than any other letter - just as M is the letter more womens names begin with than any other. Very few people do not have both a male J in their family / close friends and a female M in their family / close friends. The rest is left for them to play around with and work out why they are so meaningful.

Eg: In my case: Family and friends include:  Jay, Jason, James x 2, Jut(Justin 1), Justin 2 Jim, John(x3).  Female "M's" include Margaret, "Mand", Margot, Mandy, Maz, Marianne, Molly and Maureen. Neither of these lists are likely to be anywhere near exhaustive.

If I am honest with you, I could very easily identify a "J" that has a huge impact on my life, the "M" would have me guessing though I might end up with "Marianne" - the first girl I ever kissed or "Mand" - one of the less horrible names for my sister Amanda. Fab person but brothers have to call their sisters horrible names - it's a sibling thing....isn't it Groggs?

Rocket science it isn't.


If you would like to try this and experiment, then please feel free to do so, but DO remember that people (including you and me) can be fragile things that are more easily hurt than they would care to admit - and you should NOT use these techniques (tricks) to distress someone. For instance, unless you are going to listen to them talk about the pain of losing someone they loved you should NOT play around with the "mourning someone they loved".

If you wish to make it a convincing and a pleasurable reading, try the sandwich technique.  Start off with positives, then perhaps add a couple of "mild negatives" (a bit shy etc, need to be slightly more assertive and not let people take advantage of your kind spirit etc) and then end with positives again. This technique is used by skilled communicators all the time - from politicians to good union reps.

Have your fun - but do no harm. Not a bad philosophy for life in general really.