Below are a list of the more commonly used Tibbertwords, these words may not exist anywhere else other than these pages but at least I know what they mean. From time to time they may be used and may possibly cause confusion. To avoid being mistaken for an American, I have identified them here and declare that I do indeed know what they mean - even if you do not! These are ones that may appear on the pages already (I haven't checked), but others may be listed if it becomes apparent that they are needed.

Nothing is clear to those that do not wish to hear

Nearest Conventional Word / Phrase / Explanation
Chonkle (vb)
To mascerate unintenionally. Eg: Whilst attempting to remove the tea-spoon from the waste disposal unit, Cyril's hand was chonkled to such an extent that the Elastoplast had its work cut out.
To do with diaries - as of or pertaining to.
The condition (or state) of being a shade enebriated. Used as an arbitrary measure for defining ones level of merriment.
A "portion / amount" of ejaculate (as opposed to a synonym for ejaculation).
Study (or science) of rotating camels - listed for historical reasons only.
A curious literary trait used by dysfunctional pschopathic numpties which consists of using a question-mark after the end of almost all sentences and regular use of the word "disgusting". Helard is a contraction of HELen and howARD. Two people who meet each time they see a mirror but no-one is supposed to have sussed yet.
** See footnote
Partly conscious, partly subconscious. The part of the mind where you are vaguely aware of something but not quite sure what.
A contraction of Multi(ple) and Oggle. Where several people are copping an eyeful at once, a "moggling" is taking place.
Short sighted optimism.
Extremely (good)  - as a result of several individual excellent aspects. Eg: The picnic was scrintlingly good as a result of x, y and z.
"Very" - but only used in a positive context. Eg: Ruby had a spinningly good idea on Saturday, the first for some time.
Sproggle (n:)
A small obscure object causing a large problem: Eg: After the sproggle had fallen out, the house promptly imploded.
Third-person recent past tense of "sprinkled. Eg: I sprinkled the salt yesterday but Roger sprunk the salt a moment ago.
Something that is not quite completely buggered - but almost. Eg: After being used as a hammer, the remote control was turgled at best.
"Vay~shus" Combining the aspects of being both vicious and vacuous.
Vulcan Mind Wank
Not a word as such, but the (extremely difficult) art of achieving orgasm purely with the mind and no physical contact. Requires extreme focus and is actually quite exhausting (for me anyway).
Wurgly (n:)
A small object (mechanical in nature) that either rotates or facilitates rotation. Eg: After the wurgly broke, the unit failed to turn properly. Note that at this point, a Wurgly may become a Sproggle.
To move with great purpose and efficiency but without actually needing to run. Eg: Time was running out, I needed to ziddle into town or the purveyor of fine tat would be shut afore my arrival.
Stuck (metaphoric) / Unable to comply / Otherwise Engaged

There now follows another bit with words which may or may not be in current usage - but now have an
additional meaning. Acknowledgements are included where appropriate.

Claptrap (n: sl)
A whore with gonorrhea.    Definition by Gravitas2

** footnote: "Interconscious" is now being used by people in Wellingborough, not just me.