Mark is clearing stuff out - again :(
And - hurrah of hurrahs - almost all of it is FREE !!

Assorted Electrical items (old tuners / amps / equalizer etc) Most work but take too much room. Various makes, some crap, some ok. FREE if collected.

PC bits, most work, some donít, some need attention. CD readers, modem cards, 486 / 586 motherboards, some memory, some processors (486-686). A large box full basically. Might also include 17" monitor, intermittent problem so not likely to be anything major. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnít!   FREE if collected.  No pre-sorting, you take a box and junk what you donít want.  Or bring a BIG box and take the lot.

ISP-side rack modems - Two  blocks of server modems (33K6 rx, 56K tx) living in rack mounted cases. Set up your own ISP with one of these :)   FREE if collected.

External PC modems - 33K6 both ways I think. One FREE, extra modems £5 each.

Various other bits I find while you are here that I can foist off on you - FREE if collected.

Electrical Components

EHT Rectifiers.
A dozen free, If you want more to sell etc, they are £5 a dozen.
EHT Capacitors.
All gone!
240V Mains Relays
IMO Make, DPCO, Fab quality     A dozen free, If you want more they are £5 a dozen.

Items that are free for one set/dozen but cost £5 for more, are to give other folks a chance to benefit too. If you want more but are too tight to buy them, Iíll get back in touch with you if there are any left over - and then you can have them for bugger-all, providing youíre a pleasant sort of person. Otherwise Iíll just pop them in the skip.

FREE if collected means what it says . If you canít come over and pick it up, you need to find a friend to bring you :)  It is free so I can get it out of the house without lugging it about myself. Even I can get rid of stuff if I supply it free and deliver it free.   Problem is, Iím not that nice :)