For many folks, the idea of renting a large cylinder is not cost effective - as by the time they have paid cylinder rental, delivery and Vat, the costs start to mount up fairly quickly. they are also not the easiest things to use and store safely.  However, they like the idea of being able to refill themselves for the convenience angle.

Some folks simply buy another 11 LB bottle, complete with dip tube, modified valve head and all the trimmings, then fill it with nitrous and away they go - only they have probably paid in excess of £150 just for the bottle. Seems a bit pricey if all you want is to store some nitrous to refill your bike's tank - or car's tank with from time to time.

So, in an attempt to help fellow users out, I am offering the following packages:

11 Pound bottle
£ 65.00  <refundable deposit>
5 Pound bottle
£ 37.00  <refundable deposit>
Transfer pipe
£ 5.50
Transfer pipe
£ 5.50
11 Pounds Gas
£ 49.50   
5 Pounds Gas
£ 22.50
Total for 11LB kit
Total for 5LB Kit
£ 65

If you only need the refill kit for a short time, no problem, return the bottle and get back £65 (£37 for 5 LB bottle) - or even swap your empty 11 LB bottle for a full 5 LB bottle and £5.50 change if you are short on cash and need some more gas - then next time, upgrade back to 11 LB if you want.

Swapping an empty 11 LB minifill bottle for a full 5 LB one =  £ 5.50 CREDIT - payable to you
Swapping an empty 5 LB minifill bottle for a full 11 LB one =  £ 77.50

Important points:-

1. Bottles are NOT dipped, and although could be used inverted in a vehicle, this is NOT the intention of the offer.
2. Bottles are NOT show painted - they are "regulation blue" - if you wish to return them for deposit back, they need to be left "as-is".
3. The valve head is SAFE - but very basic, these are not "show units" or "comfort" knob types. They are BASIC - for refill work only.
4. Transfer pipe is not returnable - as for safety reasons they cannot be sold second-hand.
5. ALWAYS telephone / email prior to arrival to ensure product is in stock - and that I am in!
6. For the transfer to work well, the other bottle should be chilled and empty to begin with - more info offered when buying.
7. Ask for "NOS" instead of nitrous oxide and I might charge you extra :) NOS is a trademark of equipment, NOT the name of a gas.
8. Please either bring cash (OR cheque with card if you really must). No credit or credit card facilities. Receipt given if requested.

You can never have too much "torque in a bottle" on hand, so having a refill kit of your own makes sense. For bikes or auto use with smaller bottles, obviously it becomes even more useful - as you only have to drive to be refilled a fraction of the number of times that you used to. Laughing gas / giggle gas - it's all the same stuff.