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Mark Tibbert is a CO-director or Advanced System Solutions Ltd, Adult Entertainment Services Ltd and Line Interactive Ltd (owner of These Companies provide services ranging from bespoke computer systems through to premium rate lines and free UK Internet access. Mark is also involved in Youth Counselling at a local agency in Northamptonshire.

Mark has been responsible for providing communications and computer solutions to charities, engineering companies and a variety of other organizations. He is now in the position of taking on staff to handle the majority of routine work, leaving him to pursue other avenues of interest.

Mark was the inventor of the World's first successful telephone/fax switching device, known as the Duoline 900 unit. The machines were further refined over a period of time and despite unsuccessful competition from Phillips, Binatone and Dialtron, it remained the leading UK supplier of Fax/Telephone switching devices. The company ceased trading after the other Director of  Duoline dismissed staff and removed all salable assets prior to leaving for Holland.

Until extensive flooding damaged equipment and stock, Mark continued to regenerate the Company and offer a PC consultancy service. Clients included, advertising agencies, communications houses and private sales. At the same time, an advanced form of "Radio Data System" for cars was designed and a voice operated interface for WordPerfect was created.  

The speech product (called SpeechPerfect) was given free air time on Radio 5 and considerable interest was generated, particularly from the physically handicapped agencies and individuals.

Regrettably almost all of the work was destroyed in the flood - and although a special license to test and transmit had been exceptionally granted by Waterloo Bridge House Radio Regs Department, the  production of the ARDS and SpeechPerfect packages was halted.

Prior to this, after leaving conventional employment as a computer systems analyst for Pegasus Software and Tetra Business Systems, Mark co-owned and ran Macro systems (UK) and the Rutland Times, a local newspaper. Macro Systems (UK) was eventually sold as a going concern in order to permit more time to be spent in running the newspaper.

At the point of takeover, the Rutland Times had a circulation of 8,000 and made a net loss of approximately £750 per issue (fortnightly). The first new edition had a circulation of 10,500 and yielded a net profit of approximately £2000. Within two months, the newspaper had changed from a fortnightly publication to a weekly publication, advertising revenue had quintupled, circulation had increased by 50% and operating costs had been decreased by using different printers and materials. Within the subsequent three months, the paper ceased to be an exclusively free product and became a “10p where sold” publication. All revenue was retained by the issuing outlet but this still resulted in a net saving on delivery costs. Over the following months, the price was increased to 20p and only the County town (Oakham) received free issues. The final stage involved removing ALL free papers and increasing the price to 25p, resellers retaining 15p.

During this time, pagination had increased from 8 pages at takeover to 16 pages for the first “new” issue, pagination increased continually and averaged between 32 and 44 pages per issue.  The shares in the newspaper were eventually sold to provide funding for the ARDS/SpeechPerfect project.

Micro Computer Mart is a weekly computer publication and until a new managerial team took over and altered the status-quo, Mark used to host various columns which were both informative and popular. These consisted of technical reviews, news items, questions and answers and - towards the end of the arrangement - multimedia reviews.

During this time, much spare time and available resources have been expended on the IVVIS project, a machine designed to deactivate virii in the blood stream using a unique process. Despite consultations with the Princes youth business trust, COSIRA, Terrence Higgins, Body Positive and a variety of other organizations, funding has still not been found to manufacture the prototype device. Although the machine would be of little benefit to people already living with an AIDS diagnosis, it has been estimated by a haematologist and the past AIDS coordinator of Leicestershire Area Health Authority to have around a 50% - 60% chance of being highly beneficial for people who are presently asymptomatic. Patents are presently being submitted for the device and, if successful, it is possible that the media will be used to raise the required funds to produce a working prototype.

Mark enjoys a variety of leisure interest including learning to fly, medical and electronic innovation, chess, amateur radio and lateral thinking.

Mark is 41, lives in Wellingborough and is not presently on the market for further employment.  (He could however do with a little gratuitous sex.)