Laser Hire

Under Construction - not yet available for rent.

Well having finally took the plunge and invested in a professional graphics laser, I now have the ability to offer professional laser hire to those that are interested, Very roughly, the specifications are as follows:

DPSS Laser - Approx 150mW - Similar intensity to a class IV argon laser at 500-600mW
30,000 pps scan system with safety cut outs as required
Laptop complete with pre-loaded shows and animations
Ability to display clear text, logos and other images
No water cooling required, Single phase 240 power, not 3 phase
Optional Lumina and diffraction grating wheels settings
Fogging / hazing equipment and consumables provided in the price.
Trained operator provided

Ideal for:

Product Launches
Club nights / openings / promotions
Special Occasions

Approximate guide to pricing:

Deliver/setup/strip down and removal charge: £49 includes 10 miles travel from Wellingborough
Additional distance at £1 per mile
Supervised running £50 per hour (minimum charge), therafter £12.50 per 15 minutes

In short, for as little as £99, you can have a club-class laser effect in your venue to highlight products, amaze friends or celebrate something special. Included in the £49 charge is one custom graphic / logo and 1 custom text message.